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Sports Model

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Sports Model

We are pleased to introduce the Sports Model category

This is a stand alone category for female competitors only

The Sports Model category is ONE round ONLY



      SPORTS MODEL-Attire

  • Wearing gym/sports wear and trainers/sports shoes (sneakers)

  • Sports Models are NOT permitted to wear heels or shoes other than trainers/sports shoes (sneakers)

  • There is no bikini/swimsuit round in this category

  • Must wear gym/sports top that shows off their abdominals, shoulders and arms

  • Must wear shorts that show off some off their glutes

  • Must wear shorts that show off their hamstrings and quads

  • Shorts that are long shorts and are similar to board shorts or surfer shorts are NOT allowed

  • Are free to wear earrings and other jewellery they feel compliment their overall look

  • Can wear any colour attire that they feel best suits them

       SPORTS MODEL-Physique & Presentation

  • The judges are looking for that 'Fitness Magazine Cover Girl' look.  

  • Must present a balanced toned physique from top to bottom and front to back.

  • Present a physique with good definition that has been obtained through exercise or sports participation. 

  • Have 'toned' abdominal muscles. A 4 or 6 pack are acceptable but not necessary. Abs should NOT be excessively shredded

  • Have shaped shoulders ,arms, and back. Muscle mass should NOT be excessive and there should be NO excessive separations or striations.

  • Have shaped/conditioned legs and glutes with no excessive separations or striations 

  • Sports Model categories are  as follows

  • 18+ Open Class- All competitors aged 18 and over

  • *35+ Masters Class 1-All competitors aged 35 and over

  • *45+ Masters Class 2-All competitors aged 45 and over

  • Choose the appropriate age category based on your age ON THE DAY OF THE SHOW

  • You are free to enter both masters categories if your age on the day of the show allows you to.

  • Evidence of age WILL be required and verified at the athletes meeting.

  • Competitors who cannot verify their age with either a passport, photo ID or full (picture)drivers licence  may only be permitted to compete in the Open Class.

  • *We reserve the right to add classes together and judge overall as one class depending on individual class numbers and if our Head Judge warrants this.

GymBodyz Sports & Fitness Gala

"Where Sports & Fitness Meet"

NEXT GALA: Halloween Gala

Date: Sunday 29th October 2023

Show Time: 12.30pm-8pm

Location: Pump House Theatre 

Athletes Attire: Sports Wear, Beach Wear


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