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  • Judging Criteria

  • Male Fitness Model:

  • GymBodyz Male Fitness Model Competitors will be judged as follows:

  • 60%-Competitors physique

  • 40%-Presentation


  • Competitors Physique

  • Male Fitness models should be lean/have low body fat, with noticeable muscle maturity all over.

  • Fitness Models should present a physique that is well proportioned, lean, fit and with a healthy overall look.

  • Fitness Models’ physique should be well proportioned with: broad/capped shoulders, developed muscle

        bellies in the chest and back, small waist and muscle development lower body in the legs and glutes.

  • Male Fitness Models are not required to carry large  amounts of muscle mass, competitors who do,

        should compete in the Muscle Model category.

  • Male Fitness models should have a visible 6 or 8 pack .

  • No, one area of the Fitness Models physique should be noticeably dominate or noticeably under developed.

  • Presentation- Male Fitness Models  1 Round Only-Sports/Beach Wear

  • This is a Fitness MODEL category and competitors will be expected to present themselves as Fitness MODELS

        when on stage.

  • Male Fitness models will wear shorts or shorts style swimming trunks and will have bare feet and bare upper body.

        Please see the pictures below for examples of shorts recommended.

  • Board /Surfer shorts are NOT permitted (Competitors will be disqualified)

  • Male Fitness  Models must wear their number badge on the left side of their shorts and must ensure it can be

        seen at all times by the judges.

  • Male Fitness models can wear any colour shorts that they feel best suits them as long as the shorts meets

        all the clothing criteria for this category.

  • Hair should complement the Fitness Model.

  • Hair should not distract from the Fitness Models face and Fitness Models with long hair should be able to

        comfortably move their hair to the side (or  wear it tied back) when show-casing the back of their body.

        The judges will be looking  to see the muscle definition in the back. If they cannot see it, they cannot score it!

  • All Fitness Models competitors should have a stage tan, the skin should look as flawless and even toned as possible.

        The tan however should not be too dark as this can also distract from muscle definition. The judges will be

         looking for a ‘sun kissed’/beach holiday type look for tans.

  • Fitness Models competitors are free to also use body/muscle glaze however, they should ensure it is

         used sparingly. Excessive body/muscle glaze can distract from the competitors muscle definition.

  • Tattoos are allowed however; Fitness Models should ensure large tattoos do not distract from their muscle

        definition which can easily happen under the intense stage lights. If our judges cannot see the muscle

        definition competitors may lose marks

  • Fitness Models should ensure they have a posing and stage presentation routine that shows off their

        physique to its best ability and shows their confidence on stage.

  • During the Fitness Models individual ‘T’ walk they can perform any posing and stage presentation routine

        that complements them and shows their confidence on stage.

  • Fitness Models must listen to the directions and instructions of the Head Judge during the quarter

        turn comparison rounds.

  • Fitness Models must not perform any poses with their hands over head during the quarter turn comparisons.

  • No lewd, obscene, offensive remarks or gestures must be made. Any competitor doing so will be disqualified.

  • No intentional contact should be made with any other competitor whilst on stage.

        Any competitor doing so intentionally will be disqualified.

  • Male Fitness Models can wear earrings and/or any other jewellery but must ensure any jewellery worn

        does not distract from their physique.



Gymbodyzpt3 177.jpg
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GymBodyz Male Fitness Model Clothing Attire Examples
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