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GymBodyz is the brainchild of Founder and CEO

Paulette Sybliss.

Paulette is a 53 year-old Celebrity Personal Trainer, Body Transformation Coach and Mum and has been involved in Sports and Fitness since she was a very young child.


A former 100m & 200m sprinter, since her primary school years, Paulette was always destined to make a career out of her absolute passion for sport and especially training. At the age of 50 her training intensity can match many half her age


Paulette discovered the world of physique competing very late in terms of competing in these types of event. She competed in her first ever show at the tender age of 39 years old, placing 2nd and very quickly went on to obtain her Professional (Pro) Fitness Model status age 43 ,when she travelled all the way to Canada with no travelling support to compete.

Paulette Janet instyle.jpg

It was this journey and this win that would shape many things to come in Paulette’s fitness career, but it also made her realise that there were many, women especially, who did not not fit into the current categories offered by many physique shows but who like Paulette were ‘slap bang’ in the middle of two categories bikini and figure.

Furthermore, Paulette also realised that many women who wish to compete and have a great physique do not want to wear a bikini or heels ...and they should not have to as the vast majority of shows dictate they must in at least one round.

Paulette on her 50th Birthday.jpg

This developed the introduction of The Sports Model category, one that was pivotal to the 'birth' of GymBodyz Sports & Fitness Gala.

This category enables the many women who have an amazing physique to showcase it to everyone in the manner that they wish to.

GymBodyz Sports & Fitness Gala has a Mission statement that is a simple but powerful one.

“ We Provide A Platform For All

To Compete And Feel Empowered”

GymBodyz Sports & Fitness Gala welcomes and looks forward to all Worldwide Competitors coming to compete with us.

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