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Men's Physique Model

mens physique_edited.png



  • Physique Model competitors will be judged as follows:

  • 70%-Physique

  • 30%-Presentation

  • Have an athletic build and good definition.

  • A very small waist complemented with bigger shoulders, chest and back muscles 

  • Shredded, defined abs - 6 or 8 pack are a must

  • "V " shape upper body 

  • Strong defined calves should finish off the ideal physique competitor look

  • 18+ Open Class- All competitors aged 18 and over

  • 35+ For all competitors aged 35 and over on show day

  • 45+ For all competitors aged 45 and over on show day

Men's Physique Model

Mens Physique_edited.png

GymBodyz Sports & Fitness Gala

"Where Sports & Fitness Meet"

NEXT GALA: Halloween Gala

Date: Sunday 29th October 2023

Show Time: 12.30pm-8pm

Location: Pump House Theatre 


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