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FOR 2021

Launched by noted celebrity personal trainer and CEO Paulette Sybliss, the upcoming GymBodyz Sports & Fitness Gala looks forward to welcoming both new and established competitive talent.


GymBodyz CEO Paulette is already a well-known name in the world of celebrity personal training, with a roster of top clients who trust her to keep them in great shape.


Certainly, GymBodyz has established itself as a major player in the fitness space, thanks to both the talent on show and the emphasis on making events of this kind more accessible to a wider audience. Key areas where GymBodyz has shown a willingness to stand out from the crowd include its range of categories, which are noted for their diversity.


“We want to encourage more people to compete at the new Spring Gala,” says Paulette. “We’re often regarded as true trailblazers in the sports and fitness scene and hope to encourage more people to look at taking part this year, regardless of whether they’re well-known as fitness models or just starting out.”


With events for both men and women, competitors can select the category which best represents their fitness style. Whilst most galas require women to wear the traditional model attire of a bikini and heels, with the GymBodyz sports model category, women are free to wear their favourite gym gear and trainers for added comfort. In addition, the age range which can compete here is particularly broad, with talent already taking part spanning several decades. At the Autumn Gala in 2019, GymBodyz’ youngest competitor was just twenty years old, whilst its oldest competitor was sixty. This emphasis on inclusion helps to create a welcoming and positive arena where competitors can truly excel.


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