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The Muscle Model Category

(Males Only)

man in boxer shorts

The Muscle Model category is for male athletes only.

The Muscle Model category is ONE round ONLY.


MUSCLE MODEL-Shorts/Beach Wear Round

  • Muscle models will wear shorts or shorts style swimming trunks,will compete in bare feet and with bare upper body

  • No footwear will be permitted at all in this category.

  • Board /Surfer shorts are NOT permitted (You WILL be disqualified)

  • Muscle models will be expected to wear shorts that fully showcase their quads and hamstrings

  • Muscle models should be lean with low body fat, 

  • Muscle models should have clearly evident all over body muscle maturity

  • Muscles models should carry more muscle mass than those competing in the male fitness model category.

  • The body proportions the judges will be looking for are: broad/capped shoulders, full chest , developed muscle bellies in the back, small waist and muscle development lower body in the legs and glutes.

  • Muscle models should have a visible 6 or 8 pack .

  • No, one area of the body should be noticeably dominate or noticeably under developed.

  • Hair ,stage presentation and posing will be an important criteria for muscle models competing in this category.

  • Muscle models can wear any colour shorts that they feel best suits them as long as the shorts meets all the above clothing criteria for this category.

  • Muscle Model categories are  as follows

  • 18-21  Junior class

  • 18 and over-Open class

  • *35-45 Masters class 1

  • *46 and over -Masters Class 2

  • Choose the appropriate age category based on your age ON THE DAY OF THE SHOW

  • Evidence of age WILL be required and verified at the athletes meeting.

  • Competitors who cannot verify their age by passport,Photo ID or full (picture)drivers licence  may only be permitted to compete in the OPEN CLASS.

  • *We reserve the right to add classes together and judge overall as one class depending on individual class numbers and if our Head Judge warrants this.


GymBodyz Sports & Fitness Gala

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Date: Sunday 3rd May 2020

Show Time: 12pm-7.30pm 


The Albany Theatre Douglas Way,



Athletes Attire: Sports Wear,Beach Wear

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