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Competing In A Bikini Model Competition-Are You Really Ready?

The fitness industry is booming. You only need to look on Social media platforms to see the number of people making fitness a major part of their life. And with the popularity of fitness has also increased the popularity of bikini model competitions.

More and more women are taking their fitness to another level and entering a bikini model competition. You only need to do a Google search for bikini model competition to see how many shows are now being offered by different organisations both here in the UK and Worldwide.

But what does it take to become a bikini model competitor and enter a bikini model competition?

It's Just A Bit Of Weight Training, Right?

Wrong! Competing in a bikini model competition takes a lot more than simply going to the gym, lifting weights and taking beautifully posed selfies. Competing in a #bikinimodelcompetition requires you to take your body to a level of aesthetics that dictates, not that you are just lean, but that you are stage lean which is a whole different level and this includes bikini model competitors who are often referred to as having the ‘softest’ look amongst competitors in the world of bodybuilding/physique competitions.

So, are you REALLY ready to take your fitness to that next level and enter a bikini model competition?

If you think you are, continue to read because it is important that you do your research and investigate for yourself what it will take to get Stage Ready,it will be a lot harder than you may think, especially as a complete beginner.

Your training will of course be more intense and must be consistent and will be designed to sculpt your body in a way to suit the bikini model criteria that each show dictates. However, what is the most important aspect of getting on stage in stage condition is your #diet.

Your diet will be key and it is a diet that will be very strict, an almost extreme diet, after all if you want to take your body to that level of extreme, then you cannot expect to eat your regular daily diet.


What's Your Why?

This is the most important question you need to ask yourself and be able to answer honestly is-"Why do I want to compete"?

Competing is not just a physically challenging journey, it is a mental battle of your own will where you will go through that mental battle almost daily on your journey to stage, especially as your diet gets stricter but your training intensity must remain the same.

It is a 100% commitment and not something you can do halfheartedly.