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Workshops/Seminars Tanning/Make-Up


Stage Presentation Workshops&Seminars

  • Are you thinking about competing with GymBodyz but are a complete newbie and do not know what it really involves to get stage ready  and hit that stage?

  • Have you competed before but didn't really know what you were doing and  want to be better prepared for the next time?

Whatever stage you are at, GymBodyz are here to help you.

We will be running workshops and seminars that cover all aspects of competing. Our workshops and seminars will cover the following

  • Competition Training 

  • Competition Diet

  • Supplements

  • Competition prep time

  • Which GymBodyz category to choose

  • Do you need a  prep coach to prepare you to compete?

  • The differences in the GymBodyz categories

  • How our judges work

  • How judges scores are added up

  • Stage Presentation walk

  • Stage Presentation make up

  • Stage Presentation hair

  • Stage Presentation tan

  • What attire you need to wear on stage

  • Where to buy your stage attire

  • What to expect on show day

  • Whats to expect and prepare for post competition day

We will cover all of the above and much more at our seminars.

We will also be running workshops that will just cover your stage walk and presentation. These workshops will enable you to practice and develop your stage presentation so you are flawless on the day. 

Please click HERE for details on our upcoming workshop/seminar  and to secure your place.

Please ensure you subscribe to our newsletter and are following us on our Instagram  and Facebook pages so you are one of the first to find out the date,time and location of our workshops/seminars and book your place.


  • A stage tan is an absolute necessity for ALL competitors. Our Official Show Tanner is The N7 Collective who will be ensuring competitors look flawless on the day.

  • Please book your tan directly with them here  

Stage Attire,

Hair& Make-up

We will be covering all aspects of stage attire, hair and make up at our workshops/seminars and also on our Instagram  Facebook pages so please ensure you are following us on both platforms.

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