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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does GymBodyz have a membership fee ?

  • No. We do not have a membership fee to compete in our gala. Competitors just need to pay the entry fee for the category they have chosen and any extra categories they choose.

  • I am not a UK citizen can I still compete at the GymBodyz Gala?

  • Yes! We welcome competitors from all corners of the World to compete with us, you do not need to be a UK citizen, nor do you need to live in the UK to compete with us.


  • How do I know which category my physique is best suited to?

  • Please read each category page and look at the pictures of the models we have featured as they closely match what our judges will be looking for in each class.


  • Why are Bikini competitors not allowed to compete in the Sports or Fitness Model categories?

  • The look/physique the judges will be looking for at the GymBodyz Gala for Bikini Model competitors is very different to the look the judges will be looking for from competitors in the Sports & Fitness Models category. A Bikini Model competitor therefore would not fit the criteria. The same applies to Sports & Fitness Models, they cannot enter the Bikini Model category as they will have a different look/physique to that of Bikini Models.


  • Can Male Fitness Models cross over and compete in the Muscle Model category?

  • We recognise that there may be a small percentage of male Fitness Models who carry more muscle mass than the ‘average’ male fitness model and so these competitors may feel that they wish to enter both categories. We do allow this, but we would like to reiterate that the judges will be looking for all over body muscle mass for Muscle Models especially in the lower body so male Fitness Models who decide to cross over into the muscle model category should be aware of this strict judging criteria.


  • I am a complete beginner and am unsure what it really takes to compete, how can I find out more?

  • We will be running regular seminars/stage presentation workshops which will give a great insight into what it takes to compete and the journey to stage. Everyone from beginners to seasoned competitors are welcome to attend. Please ensure you are following us on Social Media as we will post the date and times on our social media platforms.


  • I have competed before with other Federations/Shows, can I still compete at the GymBodyz Gala?

  • YES! We welcome everyone to compete with us. We are a standalone show and we have no affiliation to any other Federation or any other Physique show.


  • I need help with my stage presentation and posing, can GymBodyz recommend a coach to me?

  • GymBodyz will be running our own regular seminars/stage presentation workshops which will help all competitors with this aspect of competing. However, we are happy for competitors to use their own stage presentation/posing coaches.


  • I have tattoo’s, will I need to cover these up to compete?

  • No, you are not required to cover up your tattoo to compete, however, you should consider if your tattoos cover a large area of your body they may take away from your muscles and muscle definition especially on stage as the stage lights are extreme and very powerful. This will ultimately be a final decision that you make yourself.


  • Is a stage tan necessary?

  • YES! We cannot stress enough that all competitors ensure they get a tan before they compete. The stage lights are very strong and without a stage tan the lights will give your body a washed-out appearance and/or take away from your muscle definition.


  • Will I be able to purchase professional stage pictures of myself?

  • Yes! There will be professional photographers taking pictures at the Gala. Please ensure you are following us on Social Media for all updates.


  • Where can I find out the judging criteria for each category?

  • Please visit our Judging Criteria for each category. This can be found in the menu  bar at the top right of every page


  • My question isn’t answered here, where can I get an answer?

  • Please contact us HERE with your question/s. We aim to answer all enquiries in 72 hours.