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Competition Prep Coaches

Nataliya Hull

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Nataliya Hull-Certified Personal Trainer/Stage Presentation & Posing Coach, Covering Essex Area.


Certified Personal Trainer

  • Specialises in: -

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Movement

  • Nutrition

  • Cross-Fit

Competition Expertise & Experience

  • Stage Presentation & Posing Coach

  • 1st GymBodyz Sports Model 35-39

  • 2nd GymBodyz Sports Model Overall Female

  • 2nd GymBodyz Bikini Model Overall Female

  • Fitness Model Competitor

  • Bikini Model Competitor

  • Team Sport Athlete

  • Cross-Fit Athlete

Nataliya says

“Originally from Ukraine, I started my fitness journey in my early 20th and it quickly became a big part of my everyday life. With almost two decades of experience, I am often asked advice on strength training, conditioning, movement and nutrition. My passion for health and fitness is what has driven me to become a Professional Fitness Trainer. 

I thrive on helping people, watching them progress and playing a role in them achieving their fitness and body goals. Through my in-depth knowledge and experience, I am confident I can find the fitness programme that is right for you."


How to contact Nataliya

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