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"Trainers/Coaches We Like"

Here at GymBodyz we recognise that we will have newbie competitors and also experienced competitors who want to hire the services of a Professional Trainer/Coach, be it for training, diet or stage posing and presentation.

Below you will find a selection of Coaches and Trainers that know what the look is that GymBodyz  and our judges will be looking for on show day.


It is NOT a requirement that you use any of the coaches listed below, you are free to source and find your own trainer/coach. It is also NOT a guarantee that if you use any of the coaches listed below that this will be a guarantee that you win or place Top 3  in any of our Gala's.



Personal Trainer,Sharlene is a 39 years old, married, mother of two children, based in Brighton ,UK.

Personal Trainer/Comp Prep Coach



Personal Trainer Nataliya originating from Ukraine, started her fitness journey in her early 20's 

Personal Trainer/Stage Presentation & Posing Coach

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